A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic clearly demonstrates that Acupuncture brings relief to fibromyalgia sufferers.  “This study shows there is something real about Acupuncture and its effects on fibromyalgia,” says Dr. David Martin, the Mayo Clinic anesthesiologist who was the study`s lead investigator.

Fifty patients for whom symptom-relief treatments had failed were selected for the study. Mayo Clinic physicians who specialized in pain management randomly assigned subjects to a group that would ercive six treatments over a period of two to three weeks. Follow up data was collected from all patients immediately after treatment. Then, one month after care ended and then again seven months after treatment, they were re-interviewed to find out about their current levels of pain and other symptoms.

Following the initial treatments, symptoms of pain, fatigue, and anxiety were most significantly improved in the patients given Acupuncture care. These patients experienced the largest improvements one month after their care ended. At the seventh month followup interview, some patients reported that their discomfort had returned if no additional Acupuncture care had been administered.

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