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Helping the athletes to perform better at the CrossFit Open

The open has been a great event so far. Unfortunately there have been a few injuries but that is why I am there to help. I will be there this Friday so come on out and recover with Dr. Goldstein!20170224_173714 IMG_98731 16995968_1166165203493658_7012115968310537120_n 16938471_1166165140160331_4672949991992622142_n16938637_1166164340160411_1879118592436880929_n


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What is a disc herniation?

Below is a very short video that describes what a herniated disc looks like. A disc herniation may cause a pinched nerve which  simply means that the nerve is pinched or entrapped. This can happen in many places in the body. Common areas this is seen is in the neck, back, wrist, elbow and leg. There may be nerve pain when a nerve is pinched. You may also experience sensory loss, muscles weakness or altered reflexes.

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