Cold laser therapy also known as “soft laser therapy” is a medical treatment form, which uses low level lasers to stimulate the damaged tissues, thereby enhancing the progress of healing and providing relief from pain and inflammation. The cold laser treatment has a very good potential to ease chronic pain and inflammation due to its capability to penetrate the skin and treat soft tissue injuries.

The relief and healing provided by the cold laser is due to the several mechanisms, which the therapy induces. There is increased production of the serotonin in the brain and the stimulation of the neuro-endocrine system, which promotes the sense of overall well-being. In addition, the progress of tissue repair is enhanced and pain is alleviated. When the targeted body part is exposed to the cold laser, the cells are exposed to photon energy, which increases metabolism of the cells and promotes collagen growth and muscle cells. The blood circulation improves and thus the wounds heal faster.

The cold laser treatment is highly beneficial for those, who suffer from acute or chronic pain. As compared to the other treatment methods, the cold laser provides certain benefits like:


  • Being safe
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-toxic
  • Cost effective
  • Alternative form of treatment
  • The need for surgery is reduced


The cold laser therapy is gaining new successful levels of treatment because it induces increased blood circulation to the injured area, thereby activating natural healing and treatment. For this reason, it is not only very helpful in relieving chronic back pain but also in the treatment of:


  • Arthritis
  • Burns
  • Swelling
  • Sports injuries
  • Ligament injury
  • Muscle strain
  • Hair growth
  • Weight loss, to an extent
  • Regeneration of the nerves
  • Joint injuries and pains
  • Wound healing


The treatment with cold laser is considered safe, as it is non-invasive and non-toxic. However, patients suffering from certain medical conditions like pregnancy, hemorrhage, disorders of the thyroid gland, carcinoma, or those under immune suppressant drugs should not use the cold laser therapy. The cold therapy though has shown tremendous progress since its introduction, it is still to be accepted as a complete form of treatment. Experts are of the opinion that the cold laser should not be the whole-sole treatment method of a problem but a part of the entire pain management program.



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