What is an ACL Injury?

You have four knee ligaments that help keep the stability of your knee joint. You ACL is one of the four. The ACL is the most common problem involving the knee joint and the most debilitating.


ACL injury

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How Did I Injure My ACL ?

The ACL is usually injured while playing sports. Most patients that come in with ACL tears are not even touched. You may have pivoted or landed wrong from a jump. Once you tear your ACL, your knee probably gave out. If you hyper extended your knee, this is an increase chance that you injured your ACL. You may have also had a direct impact to the knee as your feet were firmly planted.



What are my Symptoms of an ACL Injury?

You may have heard of felt a pop in your knee with your knee giving out from under you right away. There will be significant knee swelling and moderate to severe pain following the injury. If you continue activity on your injured knee, it can result in cartilage damage which may lead to osteroarthritis later in life.


How do I konw If I Really Did Hurt My ACL?

On clinical knee examination, there are a few orthopedic test that will test the stability of the ACL. Though clinical examination is highly accurate, the diagnosis is usually confirmed by MRI. The MRI will also show any other associated injuries.


How Can I Help Your ACL Injury?

It is first important to determine how badly your injury is. Right away, electric stimulation, ultrasound and the lymphatic drainage tape application will help with the swelling.  If your injury is severe you will be referred out to an orthopedic surgeon. If you are a non surgical candidate. Even though patients with an ACL tear may start to feel better in a few weeks, you may experience knee instability when you continue your activities. Once you are able to put weight on your leg, strengthening and proprioceptive exercises will help stabilize your knee.


How Can I  Prevent an ACL Injury?

ACL injury can be reduced  by engaging in regular training that is designed to enhance proprioception, balance muscle strength.


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