Sprained Ankle

What does it mean when I have a Sprained ankle?

When the ligaments in your ankle are overstretched damage to the ligaments may occur. This is called a sprained ankle. There are different severity’s to a sprained ankle so it is important to have it checked out.  The most common damage is to the lateral ligaments listed below

anterior talo-fibular ligament (ATFL)

calcaneofibular ligament (CFL)

posterior talo-fibular ligament (PTFL)

Every so often, the ankle will roll out and the ligament that will be injured will be on the medial side which is called the deltoid ligament.


What did I do to get a Sprained Ankle?

You either rolled your ankle excessively to one side or the other. Many people sprain their ankle when walking on an uneven surface, jumping and landing unbalanced or just rolling it when playing sports.

What are the Symptoms I should have with a Sprained Ankle?

Some patients state that they heard a popping or cracking sound at the time of the injury. You many notice swelling, bruising and discomfort. There may be tenderness upon palpation of the ankle. The pain may be deep around the ankle joint. If the pain is high then the ankle then you may have a high ankle sprain.

How do I know if I really have a Sprained Ankle?

Orthopedic test will be done to determine if you have a sprained ankle. If the injury is serious, an X-ray or MRI may be done to see the extent of the damage. The ankle will be graded by three grades. Mild, moderate and severe which are listed below.

Grade 1 – Mild

In a Grade 1 sprain, you should recover within 2-3 weeks with full scar tissue maturation taking about 6 weeks.

Grade 2 – Moderate

In a Grade 2 sprain, your ligaments have been under a significant stretch. This injury usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal.



Grade 3 – Severe

In a Grade 3 sprain, your  ligaments have been completely ruptured. This takes around 6-12 weeks to heal. If this is the case, an orthopedic surgeon will be recommended.


How do I treat my Sprained Ankle?

Depending on the grade will depend on the treatment. If you have a grade 1 or grade 2 then that is something we can help you with in the office. Ultrasound, stim, kinesio tape will all help to get rid of the inflammation. Once the inflammation has decreased, you will work on strengthening exercises. Other therapies will be used to decrease the scar tissue in the ankle joint.




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