Alot of patients ask me what is the difference between an MRI and CT Scan. I will try and sum it up briefly below.
CT Scan stands for (Computed Tomography) scan and MRI stand for (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan.

A CT scan is able to provide more detailed (slices) information about a solid organ, the head, chest, skeletal system, reproductive systems, bladder and GI tract. This is good when your looking for damage to internal organs,bone disorders, tumors, fractures or blood clots. Bleeding in the brain is best seen on a CT scan.

Normal and abnormal tissue is often clearer from an MRI. MRI is great for looking at tendons and ligaments. If you suspect a tear or rupture of a ligament or tendon, MRI is the way to go. The spinal cord image from an MRI can also be seen better.